Social Justice

The New School is committed to the promotion of practices and policies that support social justice. A University Wide Committee comprised of student, staff, and faculty as well as many students organizations seek to achieve this goal through programming, curriculum, and community action on and off campus. Please see these links to learn more

Lang Opportunity Awards: Innovation for student directed projects and Outreach for subsidization of study abroad, summer fellow programs etc.

The New School Social Justice Blog

The New School Social Justice Initiative

Eugene Lang College Civic Engagement and Social Justice

The New Challenge Competition

The New School Higher Education Opportunity Program

In addition, the Interdisciplinary Science Program seeks to support scientific innovation through responsible and ethical practices. The following organizations reflect our philosophy and mission and stay current on the contemporary challenges facing scientists and the public, and publish blogs and online journals dedicated to this interface.

The Center for Genetics and Society

The Council for Responsible Genetics

Sustainable South Bronx

WeAct for Environmental Justice

Center for Health, Environment, and Justice

RNA Lab (Race, Neighborhoods,and African American Health)

The People’s Science

Teaching Tolerance (Science Specific story)