Showcasing Your Work

Sharing your work with others is an important aspect of your development and it occurs in academic environments in a sequenced manner to offer plenty support and feedback along the way. Usually students can turn a semester project, paper, or research study into a poster presentation rather easily, and gradually progress to a full length publication or oral presentation.

Posters showcase your work visually in a conference setting and are designed for the presentation of preliminary work in the early stages. The poster session is  interactive and fun way to engage with peers and obtain constructive criticism. Poster presentation skills are important to master and many professional societies have arms specific for undergraduate work. This tutorial is helpful for Making Science Posters .

Oral presentations are another venue for showcasing work and provide you with an opportunity to present work while developing oral communication skills. Remember to practice with your faculty mentor prior to the final presentation.

Journal articles are another venue and provide you with an opportunity to present your work while developing written communication skills, and there are many journals that cater to undergraduates. This  Undergraduate Research Journals Backgrounder and List offers some advice and background of why this is an important  activity for undergraduates and provides a list of journal titles across all disciplines and tips on how to publish your work. Also note that the Journal of Global Health published by Columbia University is a great venue as well.

Video Presentations by Lang College Hunt Foundation Summer Science and Math Fellows 2013

  • Steven Houang: NYCDOH, Epidemiology and HIV/ AIDS Care
  • Alexa Riggs: Clinical Directors Network, Health Communication and Research of Cancer  in a Russian Community

Video Presentations by IS Lang Alumna and NYAM Health Policy Research Associate

  • Kimberly Libman  IS Alumna 2001, coordinator and researcher for the ObesCities 3 Conference hosted in London in 2010 focused on food and physical activity access, and community initiated projects in urban areas in London and NYC. Her bio for the New York Academy of Medicine is here.

Poster Presentations by  IS students conducting research in REUs or Study Abroad

 IS Blogs and Posts That  Showcase Their Work