IS Major/Minor Statement & Program Checksheet

If you are interested in becoming an Interdisciplinary Science Major or Minor, we ask that you review the Program Check List, the Suggested Four-Year Schedule of courses to meet the requirements, and complete the Personal Statement all of which are accessible at this Forms Area of the Interdisciplinary Science Department Lang College website.
These documents serve as a starting point for excellent support in advising and customizing the experience based on each student’s unique interests and career goals. The statement is revisited each year and updated based on shifting interests, new exposures, and experiences.
Please submit the Statement  as a Google Doc or Word Document to the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Science Department via email, and complete the check sheet as a IS Check Sheet Google doc and submit as well.
An Interdisciplinary Science Students Resources Folder exists on Google Drive with these materials and is accessible to anyone with a email address. This folder contains the materials listed above as well as tips on finding courses across the university, and post-bac and internship opportunities.