Sept 27 ARTSCIENCE Scientists Talks Series on Campus

The Civic Liberal Arts Project is opening a series of Scientist Talks to students through a collaboration with the LIGO (Art Science project) and Theater professor, Zisan Ugurlu.

The first speaker Scott Lowe, Chair of Cancer Biology at Memorial Sloan Kettering  will be presenting work that he did with choreographer, NoraPetroliunas, to create an artscience project focused on his research in cancer.

Lowe will be speaking to Zisan’s class on Wednesday Sept 27 from 11:55am- 1:30pm in Room 001 Basement in 66 West 12th Street and you are invited to join them.

See these resources produced by Ligo to connect topics of genetic diversity and phenotypic diversity with genetic engineering  and to understand how they are using embryonic stem cells to study cancer in mice. Nora then applies this work to her work through the Pharmacy Project seeking analogies on how our environments and genetics can influence how we feel.

YouTube Video. ArtScience with the Dance company Pharmacy Project led by choreographer Petroliunas . Link ( 9 min)

YouTube Video:  AoS  Cancer of the Colon in Simple Talk. Why the colon replenishes itself.  Link (6:46 min)

YouTube Video . AoS Lesson in the Lab. More Science oriented on techniques.  Link (7 min)

Animation of Cell Cycle Control: Bohan, M. 2005. Checkpoints and Cell Cycle Control: Normal and Abnormal Cell Division. President and Fellows of Harvard College and MCB- HHMI OutreachView the animation by clicking this link