Aug 2 Radical Love: Chelsea Manning Art Exhibit opening Talks on Aug 5

Dear friends,

Please join Heather Dewey Hagborg this Wednesday, August 2, from 6-8pm at Fridman Gallery in New York, for the opening of A Becoming Resemblance, a collaborative exhibition with Chelsea E. Manning.

The centerpiece is an installation of thirty 3d printed portraits algorithmically-generated by an analysis of DNA samples Chelsea mailed to me from prison. Suspended in the center of the gallery at eye level will be a multitude of possible Chelseas, a diverse crowd, evoking the form of a mass movement standing with her. The new installation builds on our previous work to further explode the process of DNA phenotyping by showing just how subjective the act of reading genomic data really is.

We have been working really hard on this and it would mean a lot to me to see you there! In addition to the opening Aug 2 there will also be discussions on Aug 5 with Dorothy Santos and Joanne McNeil, plus a workshop with Colin Self and a discussion with Christiane Paul and Nora Khan on Sept 5 when it closes.

Many thanks for your continued support, and hope to see you there!