Aug 2 Math Encounters Chocolate

Math Encounters presentation, we are happy to announce that Persi Diaconis will be presenting “Deep Math: Between Combinatorics and Chocolate” on Wednesday, August 2.

About the talk: Sometimes, good magic tricks use deep math or physics.  Join mathematician and magician Persi Diaconis as he illustrates this by taking a coagulation-fragmentation model used in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology and making a surprising trick out of it.  Understanding the trick and the underlying dynamics of the model leads to nice problems in combinatorics and probability.  And yes, the trick really does involve chocolate!

Persi will be introduced by Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor Emeritus of the City University of New York.

To learn more about Math Encounters and to register, visit  Note that if you are waitlisted, you will not be admitted entrance to the seating area until all registered participants have been accommodated.

Please note that there will be no 4:00 pm session of Math Encounters this month.  As a result, the 7:00 pm session may be more crowded than usual, and we suggest arriving promptly.

MoMath is also pleased to announce that in place of the early Math Encounters session, there will be a special event taking place at 4:30 pm, featuring mathematical sculptor Carlo Séquin and artist Hans Schepker.  Click here to learn about Platonic Solids: Tiffany lamps, art objects, and stepping-stones to higher dimensions.  Note that registration is required for this event.