Earth Week and More at The New School: Upcoming Events April 7th–22nd


Interested in issues of sustainability, climate justice, and Indigenous perspectives on ecology and sovereignty?

Starting on April 7th and running through the 22nd, The New School is hosting a variety of events open to students and faculty that are designed to promote social action and organizing around environmental issues across the board.

See the following links for further details and to RSVP for any events of interest!

Science + Art + Design Workshop: Diagnosing the Health of the Planet; April 7th, 5–9p.m.

Earth Week at The New School; April 15th–22nd (includes comprehensive list of upcoming events on campus with links to further information on each)

Ecology and Sovereignty; Native and Indigenous Perspectives Transcending Boundaries: April 18th, 6–8p.m.

Mobilizing to March; April 21, 1:30–4pm *Pre-march poster-making will also take place from 10a.m.–12p.m. at the University Center