Interdisciplinary Science alumna Kimberly Libman will moderate upcoming panel on “Antibiotic Resistance: Implications for Agriculture and Health Care” at The New York Academy of Medicine

On Tuesday, February 7th from 6–8p.m., leading science activists and experts will gather for a panel held at The New York Academy of Medicine to discuss the reasons why the rising prevalence of antibiotic resistance poses significant risks to human health.

Because “most people don’t know that this increasing prevalence is driven by the overuse of antibiotics in the meats we eat, like livestock, fish, and poultry”, the panelists will share the latest ideas, insights and solutions for protecting our health. They will also touch on why “stopping antibiotic resistance from spreading means working with communities, physicians, farmers, and the food industry and policy makers to find new ways to address this growing health threat.”

The panel is being moderated by Interdisciplinary Science alumna Kimberly Libman, and will include Dr. Saul Hymes, MD, a physician at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital and member of the NYS Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance; Dr. Ken Jaffe, MD, a former family physician who raises grass-fed beef in the Catskills; and more.

It is free and open to the public, but requires advance registration from anyone who wishes to attend.

Click here to register for the event and read more about the panelists, the topic in question, and the The New York Academy of Medicine.