NEW 1 Credit Science Art Culture Course

LSCI 2032 – Science, Art & Culture Sympos (CRN 8687)
1 Credit
For this short on-site course students attend a two-day symposium (March 4/5; ~ 10am- 6:00pm) called “The Space In Between,” hosted by The Ligo Project, whose mission is to promote the intersection of the arts, sciences, and policy surrounding emerging technologies and knowledge. In the past, salons of this nature were commonplace, but over the last 100 years, disciplinary silos promoted their separation. Today, these fields are exploring overlapping themes and methods, breaking boundaries, and creating new “contact zones.” To share this renewed interest in the intersection of the arts and sciences, educators, researchers, and artists are communicating how breakthroughs in biochemistry, particle physics, and genetic research are radically changing our view of the world. Students will attend talks, presentations, participate in Science +Art + Design Lab workshops, and engage with the creation of various forms of cultural output for wider dissemination using formats such as Facebook Live Interviews, Twitter, Blogs, Response Papers, and articles for the New School Press. Students will have resources to review prior to the symposium to ground the experience and one class meeting to explore output possibilities; the time and format of that meeting will be established once students are registered.