Nov 3: Mapping Climate Justice : Lunch provided 12-1:45pm 6 E 16th Street

oikos NYC Advisory Board Member, Julia M. Puaschunder, presents her latest work: Mapping Climate Justice.

We are very excited to have Julia, Phd Economics at NSSR, present this work to an audience for the first time! She has been a vital asset to the development of oikos NYC and we hope to help her by providing some critical feedback on this new and exciting work.

Climate justice accounts for the most challenging global governance goal. In the current climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, high and low income households but also developed and underdeveloped countries as well as various overlapping generations are affected differently.

The project proposes to map international climate change mitigation and adaptation regimes in order to derive fair climate stability implementation strategies. Based on insights on the current endeavor to finance climate change mitigation and adaptation around the globe, a 3-dimensional climate justice approach will be introduced to share the benefits and burdens of climate change fairly within society. Here she explores potential for inter-household and inter-country equity, as well as intergenerational equity.

These efforts aim to alleviate the contemporary global governance predicament that seems to pit today’s generation against future world inhabitants in a trade-off of economic growth versus sustainability. Deriving respective policy recommendations for the wider climate change community is aimed at ensuring to share the burden but also the benefits of climate change within society, between countries and over time in an equitable and fair way.