Tuesday Nov 1 Biopolitics Tobacco and African Colonization

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Shifting Social Contracts seminar series and Africa @ The New School present:

The Biopolitics of the African Tobacco Epidemic: Diseases of Modernization, the Social Sciences, and Global Health

Speaker: Dr. David Reubi, Kings College London

The post-Cold War period witnessed an epistemological rupture in the way world health was conceived, organized and managed, marked by the shift in terminology from international to global health. Most critically-minded social and political scientists who have spent time exploring this rupture have tended to focus on infectious diseases and, in particular, the AIDS epidemic. This has led them to associate the emerging global health assemblage with, on the one hand, discourses about humanity and world security, and, on the other hand, a marked preference for biomedical interventions and, in particular, pharmaceuticals like anti-retroviral therapies. In this presentation, Dr. Reubi will start to sketch another, often overlooked story about global health. Unlike the usual, well-rehearsed accounts about infections, humanitarian-cum security crises and pharmaceuticals, it is a story about non-communicable diseases (NCDs), development problems and socio-political solutions. It is a story that suggests that the new global biopolitical assemblage that has emerged in the post-Cold War period is not only about microbes, emergencies and biomedicine but about lifestyles, modernization and social science. To sketch this other global health landscape, Dr. Reubi will draw on extensive archival and ethnographic research on international efforts to problematize and address the smoking epidemic in post-colonial Africa.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Orozco Room (Room A712)
66 W 12th Street

Dr. David Reubi is a sociologist and anthropologist trained at the London School of Economics. His work explores the biopolitics of global health and biomedicine, drawing on insights from post-structuralist thought and social studies of science.

This event is open to the general public. No registration is required.

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