“Digital Twin and Industrial Machine Learning” Thursday Sep. 8th 5:00-6:00

GE is revolutionizing the industrial domain by way of the Digital Twin – a digital copy of a physical asset – as powered by the latest in Machine Learning. This talk will go over the details of what a Digital Twin is actually used for today (by GE and its partners), the specifics of how each model gets built, and the scaleable architecture that makes it all happen via GE’s Predix Cloud.

BIO: Dr. Paul Ardis is a Senior Scientist at GE Global Research’s Machine Learning Laboratory in Niskayuna, NY. His research focus is on machine learning for partially-observable complex system analysis: diagnostics, prognostics, surrogate modeling, root cause investigation, etc. Dr. Ardis came to GE in 2013 following postings at the Air Force Research Laboratory and Rochester Institute of Technology.

This is a free event and noregistartion is required
Data Science Institute
For more information see the detailed flyer at http://datascience.columbia.edu/files/seasdepts/idse/pdf-files/I3-GE-090816-Ardis.Paul_.pdf