Science +Art + Design Lab Workshops Series

The University Science Labs invite members of the university community to participate in a series of Science + Art + Design Workshops this fall. Workshops explore emerging technologies that impact our lives, communities, and practice. Each workshop introduces basic wet-lab skills using contemporary topics such as GMO testing, genetic engineering, and biopaint for sustainable fashion. Sessions range from 2-6 hours in length and take place in the University Science Labs. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

All lab sessions take place in Room 618, University Center
Space is limited to 16-20, RSVP required using this Google Form.

September 30: GMO Food Testing 4-9pm
During this workshop, you will learn how Genetically Modified Organisms are designed and test food products for the presence of genetically modified materials. Skills used during this workshop include: DNA Purification from food, PCR, and Gel Electrophoresis.

October 16: Color and Light: Perceptions, Energy Conservation, Scientific Diagnostics, and Sustainable Fashion, Sunday, Oct. 16, 5:00- 6:30pm
Manipulate light to influence color, design spaces, conserve energy, trace scientific manipulations, and develop sustainable fashion.  These alterations can allow for quantifiable diagnostic visualization and targeted experiments where proteins or other cellular material can be tagged and followed. Skills used during this workshop will include: use of a spectrophotometer, bacterial transformation, and use of selective growth media.   

Nov 11 and Nov 18:  Printing with Biopaint 4-6:00pm
Using naturally and artificially pigmented bacteria and user generated designs, you will create living images and patterns and print onto paper and fabric.. These patterns will be pressed and fixed onto fabric.  Day 1: We will use ” living paint” to create our images using patterns and abstract ideas and then incubate our images so they become vivid and visible. Day 2: We will press and print our images onto fabric or paper and fix the image in place. Skills used in this workshop include: Aseptic Technique, Environmental Selection, and Antibiotic “Resist.”

Sponsored by the Department of Natural Science and Mathematics, The Provost Office,  and Eugene Lang College at The New School.
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