Ligo: Science as Culture Happy Hour Aug 24th

oin us at our Science (as) Culture Summer Happy Hour for a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas focused on integration of science and society and how to change how we as a society think about, learn about, and talk about art, science and technology.



What: For summer, these events will be informal meet and greet format but still with the goal of stimulating discussions across science, art, and other disciplines over a summer libation (or two)!

Where: O’Reilly’s Pub & Restaurant, 54 W. 31st, conveniently located off the BDFM, NRQ, 6, and PATH trains (please do not confuse with their nearby sister location O’Reillys Kitchen )

We have a spot reserved under ‘Shane Mayack, Ligo Project‘ and we will have a small sign on our table so you can just look around and find us. If the weather is nice, you will likely find us upstairs on the rooftop. *food & drinksavailable for purchase.

When: Wed. Aug. 24th, 7:00-9:30pm

Why: Scientists make discoveries, engineers design new technologies, artists create multimedia installations contemplating how the world works, corporations develop and distribute new products, policymakers, researchers, creatives, and grassroots activists alike attempt to create positive impacts, while others instead either choose to remain a passive observer or feel their voice goes unheard. Ideally, all of these actors could work together at all stages of scientific and technological development to ensure the best outcomes for society as a whole. However, integrating these often disparate and sometimes competing fields—labs, creative spaces, corporations, universities, funding organizations, movements, governing bodies, and communities—is challenging. Ligo Project is working to dissolve those boundaries and to tackle this challenge with creativity. Join us!