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Ligo Project Science (as) Culture:  a three-part ‘dinner’ conversation

Scientists make discoveries, engineers design new technologies, artists create multi-media installations contemplating how the world works, corporations develop and distribute new products, policymakers, researchers, creatives, and grassroots activists alike attempt to create positive impacts, while others instead either choose to remain a passive observer or feel their voice goes unheard.

Ideally, all of these actors could work together at all stages of scientific and technological development to ensure the best outcomes for society as a whole. However, integrating these often disparate and sometimes competing fields—labs, creative spaces, corporations, universities, funding organizations, movements, governing bodies, and communities—is challenging.

Ligo Project is working to dissolve those boundaries and to tackle this challenge with creativity.

Join us at the table for an intimate yet challenging 3-part multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas that gives everyone the opportunity to be heard and aims to change how we as a society think about, learn about, and talk about art, science and technology.

Be part of the conversation by taking a seat at the table.


Fostering Creativity & Social Responsiveness to Science and within Science

April 27th, Pratt Institute

Part 3 – Science as Culture: the 1000-year view & how to get there?

May 18th, Pratt Institute

How it Works: Science (as) Culture will use a format inspired by Lois Weaver’s conversation as performance projectThe Long Table’, which is informal, participatory & nonhierarchical. Special guests are invited to “seed” the conversation but the “audience” is invited to take a seat at the table and join in. The rules of engagement will be such that free thought and open exchange are highly encouraged at all times – everyone’s voice is heard.

GoalsThe intended outcome of the Science (as) Culture Discussion Series will be to create a “Call to action” summary document toward taking positive steps in our community to better achieve the integration of science & society. We will use the call to action summary as a platform for the following: a discussion/white paper, blog and/or other article(s) in order to more broadly distribute the ideas exchanged in our discussions as well as to draft letters to the editors of relevant newspapers and other media sources; to distribute ideas & needs to other non-profits with relevant missions as a means to coalesce a wider community around positive action toward the integration of science and society in our community; and to seed content and context for additional public town hall style discussions and events that will work toward new and creative contexts for the integration of science and society.

Event Schedule:

Doors: 30 min prior to event

Discussion: 90 min

Mingle afterwards at The Emerson, 561 Myrtle Ave

Ligo ProjectLigo Project is an early stage non-profit organization focused on ‘connecting to science’.  At the very simplest level, we design programs and events that get scientists talking to and working with non-scientists more often. The idea being that by bridging the gap between scientists and non-scientists we serve to connect professionals from different disciplines (business, technology, engineering, law, art, design, etc.) to science, who from very different perspectives might help drive scientific discoveries and innovation to have a broader social impact – more quickly, less expensively, and in new and exciting ways.  By ‘connecting to science’, we aim to serve as a nexus of creativity & innovation that could advance scientific innovations forward.

One of the premier ways we are going about doing this is rooted at the intersection of art and science, through a program called Ligo Project Art of Science, which is beginning it’s third cycle in NYC. Art of Science uses the universal language of Art as a vehicle to make science more accessible and to promote and market cutting edge scientific ideas and innovations. We combine the two disciplines, by pairing a scientist with an artist, who together over a 6-month collaboration explore fundamental questions that interest and affect us all. Each Art of Science program culminates in Ligo Project Art of Science Gallery Night; a biannual event that is part art exhibit, part science salon, and part innovation event.  At Ligo Project, we use the Art of Science program as an educational and marketing tool for science and scientific discoveries and Gallery Night as a vehicle to engage the local community and nucleate professionals from all walks of life and connect them to science.

Find out more about Ligo Project and Art of Science on our website and by viewing Ligo Project video shorts highlighting Art of Science collaborations.

At Ligo Project we work at the nexus of science, art, and creativity and aim to promote science and art in unique and creative ways with a neutral voice that sets us apart from other organizations and allows us to reach and engage distinct target audiences.  Interested in how Ligo Project can help promote your work? We would love to speak with you about Sponsorships & Partnerships opportunities please inquire at