Molecularization of Identity: AMAZING Conference April 29/30

Everyone who can make it should attend this FREE symposium at Harvard!  View the weblink for 25 talks!

“The Molecularization of Identity: Science & Subjectivity in the 21st Century”

Recent advances in biological and computational technologies are changing the way we imagine race, gender, kinship, citizenship, and disease risk. Existing taxonomies may be displaced or reconfigured, impacting the ways in which people are governed, how lives are lived, how groups are known, and how power is exercised. Drawing upon the tools and expertise from multiple disciplines and geographical regions, and with specific attention to the material and lived dimensions of these developments, this symposium interrogates the complex ways in which the molecular realm is an emerging site for constituting human identities in the 21st century. If you are interested in attending organize a group and secure funds from the Student Senate or Lang Student Union. There are inexpensive buses to Boston and Cambridge ( $15)