Environmental Justice Job Talk: Thursday March 17 5:00pm

Eugene Lang College invites you to attend a job talk by Kristin Reynolds
When: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Time: 5:00-6:30pm
Where: Bark Room, RM 101, 2 W 13th St

Title: Politics in the Garden: Urban Agriculture, Activism, and Environmental Justice
Abstract: Urban agriculture is increasingly considered an important part of creating just and sustainable cities. Yet, realizing social and environmental justice requires working beyond food production alone to address deeper sociopolitical issues such as structural racism, political disenfranchisement, and economic disparities.

This talk draws from a multi-year study of urban agriculture activism in New York City to examine how some farmers and gardeners are working to disrupt dynamics of power and privilege that perpetuate inequity. Framed through the lens of environmental justice and related theories, it argues that urban agriculture initiatives focused explicitly on social and political equity have the greatest potential to achieve substantive change.