Pizza Planning Party Monday Feb 1

Pizza Planning Party
Monday  Feb 1
Room 510 66 West 12th Street
5:45pm- 7:00pm
(come anytime but best if can come at the  start)
RSVP ” Yes IS PIZZA” in subject line to Karen Noyes at
As an Interdisciplinary Science Major or Minor, we work with you to customized your advising and ask that upon declaration of the major or minor you submit a Interdisciplinary Science Major/ Minor Statement. So we would like to remind you about that requirement and help you complete it! We will also discuss how to apply for REUs/ Internships, curricular planning (two years out), upcoming events of interest, and voting on two student representatives to join our monthly faculty meeting so we can stay in better communication.

Some places to review before we meet

1. IS Major Statement: If you click on Interdisciplinary Science, a pdf downloads with the directions for your statement and a planning grid. I have also attached it here. It is a DYNAMIC document, to grow and change as you do over the course of your four years, so just write something!

2. Student Resources: Pull down menu has pages for finding and applying for internships, paid summer research experiences and post graduate plans and more

3. Interested in interning with an alumni of the program? See the Alumni Biographies. 

Since applications for many undergraduate research experiences and internships are upon us, I wanted to remind you that most deadlines are Jan15, Feb1, Feb 15, March 1, March 15. There are still quite a few taking applications! Many are Paid and include housing but they are competitive, so you need to apply to quite a few