TNS Science Lab Open House

Monday April 6
4:00pm- 7:30pm (sandwiching the Faculty and Staff Happy Hour and one floor down)
Room 618 University Center
63 5th Avenue 

Science Lab Open House_V3 jpg

Come  join us in the newly constructed University Science Lab for hands-on demonstrations and information about lab modules that integrate science, art, and design in courses that promote social reflection and social change across the divisions. Students, staff, and faculty will be on site to guide you through stations on textile dying, GMO identification, living paint, immortal organisms, biopolitics, sustainable ecosystems, and water quality testing.  For students interested in courses in science and art,  science and math, or the major and minor in Interdisciplinary Science with a focus on Environment and Health, materials will be on hand and faculty present for advising information. For more information contact Katayoun Chamany, Project Shepherd and Lab Director of the University Science Labs: