Feb 27th: Microaggressions Three part Series

5-7pm 66 West 12th Street- more info  RSVP and Room Number soon at Facebook site

“Know Your Stuff” is a series of three workshops to take place at The New School during Spring 2015, one each in February, March, and April. February’s workshop will be concerning different types of microaggressions on campus, while March’s workshop will be about mental health issues that college students often face. April’s workshop will be about sexual assault, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence.

The Microaggressions workshop will cover racist, sexist, heterosexist, transphobic, classist, ableist, ageist, sizeist, religious, immigrant, health, etc. microaggressions as they happen in our daily lives, particularly on campus. We will also be tying this in to a microaggressions campaign thatAliyah Hakim is spearheading.

There will be food and refreshments, and trainings both in active listening and how to be an empowered bystander. Please come! Please RSVP, the link for that and the room number will be up shortly.