Nov 20 5:30pm Health & Environment Student Showcase: Internships, Research, & Careers

Health & Environment Student Showcase: Internships, Research, & Careers
Thursday November 20
5:30- 7:30pm
Faculty Lounge  7th floor of University Center
Refreshments Served
Current students and alumni from the Interdisciplinary Science Program will provide 10 minute presentations of their course and career trajectories followed by round table discussions that foster one on one and networking.  Faculty will provide a brief overview of internship/ REU databases, application process, and presentation opportunities. Refreshments served and lots of room for conversation. For more information contact Jennifer Wilson
5:30pm- 5:45pm: Quick Overview of Databases and Existing Internships Deadlines
5:50- 6:00pm Meredith Grey: Junior Global Health REU and Health Internship
6:00pm- 6:10pm Kellie Lee: Mental Health TNS Internship
6:10pm-6:20pm Jasmine Wright: Solar Decathlon Summer Internship
6:20pm- 6:30pm Alexa Riggs: Public Health and Epidemiology Career
6:30pm- 6:40pm David Eisenhauer: Environmental Policy Career
6:40pm- 7:00pm:  Q&A
7:00pm-7:30pm:  Round Table Discussions with table topics including internships, science lab research experiences, Public Health Graduate Programs, and Environmental Health Policy Graduate programs
Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Science Program