Oct 24: Difference and Sameness Talk: Bioartist Paul Vanouse

BioArtists Paul Vanouse has demystified while raised skepticism towards the authority of DNA fingerprinting in his pioneering work, hacking common lab Gel electrophoresis practices, while mischiefing his own designs to identify the misuse of scientific image representations as truth.

Nineteenth century sciences utilized highly visual techniques to differentiate, to liken, to single out and to categorize. These endeavors, such as anthropometry, fingerprinting, genetics and eugenics have strong resonance in contemporary bio-sciences and our current worldview.
In this lecture, Vanouse will discuss his artworks that use DNA as a medium alongside some of the intertwined scientific, political and legal histories that they interrogate.
Vanouse’s key investigations have been to understand scientific images as cultural images, and to trace the social processes through which facts come to be accepted. Vanouse use scientific tools and techniques in his artwork to analyze DNA and utilize its results. For example, he use Gel Electrophoresis – a technique which is used as a common practice in biology labs as well as in forensics, to identify “DNA Fingerprinting” as an expressive medium of scientific image representation, or rather misrepresentations


Difference and Sameness a Talk by Paul Vanouse

8:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Friday, October 24

Location: Genspace
Organizers: Nurit Bar-Shai

Difference and Sameness
A Talk by Paul Vanouse

When: Friday,  Oct 24, 2014,  8pm
Doors open at 7:30pm

Where: Genspace,
The MEx Building
33 Flatbush Avenue,
Brooklyn NY 11217

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